Reintroducing a World-Renowned Cybersecurity Company

Same great company, now Fortra-fied

In an industry that’s often associated with doom and gloom, HelpSystems wanted to stand out among their competitors as positive changemakers. The company needed a new path forward that reflected the strength, warmth, and humanity they bring to the realm of cybersecurity.

We set out on a ground-up redesign of the world-renowned company — from the name, to the look, to the tone of voice. A new brand identity was born — one that exudes humanity, approachability, and fortitude down to the smallest detail.

Introducing Fortra, the new face of HelpSystems.

Design, Digital, Video, Case Study

Creating a whole new look and feel

With some help from the triangle, the strongest shape in nature, Fortra’s logo strikes the right balance between familiarity and fortitude. The delta symbol also represents positive change, which aligns perfectly with the company’s mission and core values.

To push against industry color standards of intense and foreboding reds and oranges, we created a palette of natural greens and blues that evoke a feeling of ease and peace of mind.


Introducing it to the world

We wanted this new brand reveal to immerse current and prospective employees and clients in the world of Fortra. To reflect the company’s worldwide reach, their story is told through a chorus of diverse voices and accents.

Visually, the signature triangle is used as a motif to drive the narrative of Fortra's position as positive changemakers in cybersecurity. In everything from the triangle's playful movements to the tactile textures and warm materials used in the video, the company’s humanity shines through — laddering up wonderfully to the reveal of the new tagline: "Your cybersecurity ally."

Bringing Fortra to life

When redesigning a world-renowned company, the magic is in all the little details. From messaging and design dos and don'ts to presentation templates and fresh Fortra merch, our extensive brand guide book ensures that Fortra's new identity comes through clearly and consistently in every piece of communication.

Defining a bold path forward