The North Face

bring the rain

In spring 2015, The North Face launched Fuseform, the most technically advanced rainwear on the planet. Our challenge was to develop an efficient, inspired way to highlight the product’s key benefits and drive foot traffic to the brand’s retail outlets. Our work was a driving factor in the 10% growth of direct-to-consumer sales in Q1.

Through social monitoring, we learned  that conversations about The North Face spike when the weather turns cold. This led to our strategy to expand the conversation beyond just snow and ice, making rain the impetus for store visits.


In five key cities, we utilized real-time national weather data to track precipitation and created a digital app and contest where consumers were notified via social media, Pandora, and SMS text every time it rained ½ inch in their city.


Bring the Rain. The first real-time, weather-activated retail campaign. The more it rains, the more chances there are to win a free Fuseform jacket.

Each time the threshold was met, the contest was live and everyone had exactly 24 hours to get to The North Face store where they scanned the barcode of the Fuseform jacket they wanted with their smartphone. The winner was notified within hours of scanning.

The campaign created online buzz. But more importantly for The North Face, more people than ever were praying for rain.