Camp Backyard

Target un-cancels summer.

To put it lightly, Spring of 2020 was a stressful time for parents. In a typical summer, many kids would be busy at day camps or the local pool. But during a global pandemic, families needed to find other plans. Fast. Target wasn’t about to let COVID-19 cancel summer. So, in a matter of weeks, MONO created Camp Backyard, a 100% digital and social campaign that helped families reimagine what their summer could be.

Digital, Social, Video, Experiential

Animated badges inspired parents to celebrate their kids’ achievements on social media.

From retailer to trusted resource.

We made Target a go-to place for inspiring kids’ activities, tailored to all ages, interests, and financial situations. Our well-timed support helped bring Target families a much-welcomed sense of balance.

The campaign generated half a million clicks to, contributing to a 258% increase in online transactions.

88% of the general market said Camp Backyard was the right message at the right time.

Helping families adjust to life in a pandemic.