Phillips Distilling Co.

prairie vodka

The premium spirits category defines luxury through fashion and celebrity. mono helped Prairie Organic Vodka redefine by celebrating the revival of local craftsmanship. In a disposable culture, purposeful is the new premium.


For Prairie Organic Vodka we aimed to celebrate reverence and purpose in craft. And we started by telling the stories of the three organic family farms where the corn for Prairie is grown.

We developed a site that captured Prairie’s “Made with Respect” philosophy. It features an in-depth seed-to-glass story, vignettes of Prairie farmers, and profiles of local craftsmen who pour themselves into their work, taking more time, effort, and skill — not because it means a bigger payday, but because it makes a better product.

Knowing that the brand story had to carry through to on-shelf presentation, we redesigned the label to better reflect the brand values.

To launch the campaign, we naturally chose a local approach. Print ads and outdoor boards hit the streets of Chicago, supported by a content strategy that highlighted a local Chicago craftsman to reinforce Prairie’s dedication to craft and quality.


“Congratulations for uncovering the essence of the brand and so beautifully bringing it to life.”

— Dean Phillips, Phillips Distilling Company