MOVO Wine Spritzers

100 Calories. Zero Judgment.

Lighten up, wine.

As a new brand, MOVO wanted to make a splash in the overwhelmingly pretentious category of wine. So we used our 100-calorie point of difference to lighten things up in a category that had its panties in a twist. With this as our unique POV, we quickly became the brand that didn’t judge, but rather provided levity and a laugh alongside an easy-to-enjoy drink.

Social, Video

880% jump in brand interest after viewing just one YouTube ad.

20% lift in sales across key targeted media markets.

Quaran-screaming our way into culture.

Instead of jumping on the “we’re here for you” bandwagon in the Spring of 2020, MOVO launched on Mother’s Day by giving moms exactly what they needed at the time: a well-deserved moment to scream about their quarantine frustrations. It was the perfect judgment-free zone that came with free wine.


500,000,000+ earned impressions in just one weekend.

Top three most buzzed about ideas from MolsonCoors in 2020.

Modernizing the pretentious world of wine.