Flavor The Moment

Flavor the moment.

Leinenkugel’s is one of the country’s oldest breweries, and after building an avid fanbase in the midwest, the brand needed to widen their appeal nationally. So to attract a whole new set of fans to the Leinie’s lifestyle, MONO launched a new campaign along with a new tagline, Flavor The Moment, that perfectly captured Leinenkugel’s knack for making the best times even better.

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Creating a pre-pre-pre-season for a best-selling seasonal.

As Leinenkugel’s most popular seasonal flavor, people look forward to the release of Summer Shandy every year. To bottle this overflowing excitement, we created a pre-season spot reminding consumers that anytime can be summertime. And the push to kick summer off early paid off with big gains to Q3 sales.


13% jump in sales of Summer Shandy over prior year.

Cracking open new relevance for a legacy beer.