EMD Serono

birds and bees

EMD Serono, a pharmaceutical company, wanted us to help bring the issue of infertility out in the open. We broke conventions of the category while also breaking down the myths surrounding fertility using the icons of baby making, the birds and the bees.


While health issues such as depression and erectile dysfunction have become part of the mainstream conversation, infertility hasn’t. Our solution? We created a five-part episodic series chronicling a young couple’s struggle with infertility. Full of emotional highs and lows (and ridiculous metaphorical costuming), the series aimed to start a conversation and inspire action with humor and heart.


“That’s the genius of this campaign: It’s totally understanding and fully sympathetic of the couples it’s trying to reach.”

— Bob Garfield, Advertising Age

At the site, people could watch the videos, share them with friends, and even find a fertility specialist.

“It nails the experience so knowingly and wittily that it’s getting big love from the infertility community.”

— Salon.com

In each market, we had couples dressed up as birds and bees infiltrate movie theaters, coffee shops, and restaurants throughout the country, raising awareness and also directing people to IncreaseYourChances.org.