Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Children’s Minnesota had a vision: to help all kids live healthier lives. Not just the children in their hospitals, but all children, every day. In fact, that’s what makes them different. They see and respect all children, like no other hospital does. It’s a belief that guides their business. They needed their brand to show it.


The new brand idea lets Children’s champion the health needs of all kids. But what’s more, it inspires people to rethink their perceptions of children. Kids have some of the qualities that adults actually admire most. With the new brand idea, we simply called attention to them.

While competitors attract people through pity or by featuring the cuteness of kids, we wanted our launch campaign to inspire and show kids in a bold, new light. As real people.


What kids need most in that first year is quite simple: person-to-person engagement and interaction. As our campaign progressed we determined to open parent’s eyes to the fact that they are the most important teaching tool for their child simply by engaging with them – talking, singing, reading, and playing.

In a category that tends to be complex, cluttered, and impersonal, we set out to create a tone that was modern, simple, clean, and approachable. From an evolved logo to a refreshed color palette, we developed a new design look, feel, and point of view for the brand.

At Children’s Minnesota kids come first. And so it goes in our campaign. We feature children as the heroes, as people who have something profound to teach us about life and living.

The new brand and messaging teaches people to value kids for what they bring to the world right now, as children. Not just for what they will achieve in the future as adults. With this campaign, we want everyone to see children for the amazing people they already are.