Agility at Scale

Adyen, a global payments platform, is built for the biggest businesses in the world.

You could say Adyen is the OG of enterprise fintech, and one look at their client roster shows how integrated they already are in products we all use every day. So, as Adyen started to catch fire in North America, they needed a partner to pour gas on the blaze. Enter MONO. Our task: create a launch campaign to broaden awareness and strengthen the sales pipeline in this key market.


Many major companies use an antiquated patchwork of legacy fintech systems that slow things down for their customers. But thereʼs a better way. Adyen is built by engineers and delivers a one-stop seamless experience for enterprise-level businesses. Seems like switching should be a no-brainer, but MONO knew that investing in a single fintech solution is a massive decision for a CFO of a global business. The trick was to showcase how quickly Adyen adapts to new payment methods, enters new sales channels and identifies opportunities for growth — all on a global scale.

Launching a global fintech leader in North America