Simple always wins.


We create work that works.

MONO is a three-time winner of Agency of the Year from the 4A’s. We’ve also been named agency of the year by Ad Age.

Simple is what we do. It’s what we’ve always done. It’s what we believe in most.

Who we work with


We are a multi-disciplined group of some of the industry’s most brilliant strategic and creative minds. Since opening our doors in 2004, we have attracted highly-talented individuals from across the country who want to work in a culture that values teamwork, positivity and innovative thinking above all else.

  • Jim Scott

    Jim Scott

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Chris Lange

    Chris Lange

    Founder & Chief Creative Officer
  • Suzy Langdell

    Suzy Langdell

    Director of New Business
  • Katie Riddle

    Katie Riddle

    Executive Creative Director
  • Melissa Mathei

    Melissa Mathei

    Director of Account Management
  • Sin Liu

    Sin Liu

    Co-Head of Strategy
  • Madeline Sanchez

    Madeline Sanchez

    Co-Head of Strategy
  • Kathleen Flanders

    Kathleen Flanders

    Director of Client Operations

What we hold true

We wouldn’t be able to help your brand win if ours wasn’t built to do so. We have always been driven to reinvent, reimagine and rethink the way things are. In order to do so, you have to be willing to take risks, be resilient, and more than anything, you have to care. That’s at the core of our culture. We care deeply about each other, the work we do, the way we do it and who we do it for.

  • People First

    People come before companies, money, and egos.

  • Details Matter

    We’re thoughtful and intentional about all things, large and small.

  • Make It Happen

    We are motivated by opportunities, not just assignments.

  • “Yes, and”

    We always choose to build versus battle.

  • “No, because”

    It’s okay to not agree, but not okay to sit on the sidelines.

  • Optimistic Outlook

    We see possibilities where there are barriers.