January 25, 2018

Hot hats, warm hearts

When it gets cold here in Minneapolis, and it does get cold, you know what we do? We go outside. With the Super Bowl in town, we’re expecting a lot of visitors. Visitors who will be unprepared for our refreshing weather. We can help. Starting February 1, individuals can go to ColdAFSupply.com, MONO's on-demand hat-delivery service, to order an iconic Minnesotan trapper hat, and get it delivered wherever they are in downtown Minneapolis. Hats will be transported in 45 minutes or less via a fleet of flannel-clad bike messengers, arriving in a heated case, hot and ready to warm you up. The cost is $50/per, and all profits go to support Operation Warm, a national non-profit that provides brand new winter coats to children in need. Each Cold AF hat ordered will provide a coat to a child. See the story via WCCO, Adweek, City Pages, MN Monthly, and Media Post.