2021 Internship Program

Intern From Home

About To Graduate From Home?

You’ve learned from home. Baked bread from home. Scrolled from home. Got bored from home. Re-watched Spider-Man: Far From Home. And now you want to get started in the ad industry from home?

You’re in the right place.

We’re looking for interns in these roles: Art Director, Copywriter, Designer, Producer, and Content Maker. You’ll work alongside some of the most talented folks in the industry on national brands like SKYY Vodka, Sherwin-Williams, and Molson Coors.

Sound like a good time? Love to hear it.

When is this internship?
How long does it last?

The internship starts on June 7 and ends on August 13 - a total of 10 weeks.

Where is the internship located?

Anywhere you want! Right now, everyone at MONO is working remotely, which includes our interns.

Is this internship paid?

Of course! Interns make $15 an hour, and it’s a full-time internship.

Do I need a portfolio to apply?

Only for the creative (Art Director, Copywriter, Designer) or Content Maker positions. Don’t have a portfolio? All good! Send us any samples of creative writing, art direction, design, logo design, artwork, photography, motion/animation, film shooting, directing, or editing that you may have, and we’ll go from there.

When do applications close?

They’ll be open through March 26th.

Role Descriptions

Role 1

Art Director

Art Directors have big ideas for even the smallest details. As part of the creative team, they work with Copywriters and Designers to turn briefs into brilliant, beautiful work. If you’re an Adobe pro, have an eye for the eye-catching, and want everything to look its best – this is the role for you.

Role 2


Designers hold a special place in our hearts. As a design-driven agency, Designers at MONO are fully-fledged members of the creative team, working alongside Art Directors and Copywriters to tackle any brief that comes their way. If you love a good branding exercise, can use Sketch in your sleep, and want to make every pixel pop – you’re a perfect fit.

Role 3


Copywriters are the coolest people at any agency. (Editor’s note: a Copywriter wrote this.) As a part of the creative team, they work with Art Directors and Designers to come up with big ideas and then put them into words. If you yearn for the days of the headline-driven print ad, know your en dashes from hyphens, and appreciate the fact that we just used the Oxford comma – you sound like the one for us.

Role 4

Producer/ Content Maker

There are two sides to Production – Producers and Content Makers. Producers make sh*t happen, coordinating with production companies to turn ideas into reality. You’re organized, tech-savvy, and you think outside the box when a problem comes your way.

Content Makers work with creative teams and Producers to turn rough ideas into polished executions. They’re photographers, animators, editors, videographers, and more – if it involves making something cool, they want in.

Application window closed.

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