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percent of Minnesotans
that are overweight
or obese.

In terms of deadly epidemics, obesity is the new smoking. Uncomfortable as the subject matter may be, we needed to start a very real conversation about it. Our message? Your health choices not only affect you, but your children. It’s time to do something today, not tomorrow.

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“The messaging has sparked fresh debate.”
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You can’t just tell people to be healthy. You have to inspire them. We put a man inside a glass apartment inside the Mall of America for a month to show the world that simple changes in diet and exercise can make a real impact on overall health. And it worked.

The Human Doing case study.

“Whether you see this as a publicity stunt, performance art
or social experiment... a lot is at stake.”

Of course, people need more than just a conversation or a TV commercial to make a change. They need actual help. To empower people to make simple, healthy choices in their everyday lives, we placed messaging in unexpected exercise venues, such as far-away parking spaces to encourage more walking.

To help create a whole new generation of health-smart Minnesotans, we skipped the corporate-y brochures and authored a children’s story called “My Chat with Chewie.” The book, along with an interactive, educational website helped trigger honest conversations between parents and children about the importance of healthy eating and exercise. The book was distributed in schools and free to every Minnesotan. 

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The campaign sparked an intense cultural conversation about the obesity crisis, and gained national exposure from media outlets like NPR, NBC’s Today Show, CNN, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Jezebel.com and The Huffington Post.