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welcome ashley

Our new project leader Ashley Court comes to mono with a unique background in both design and management. After starting out in the industry as a designer, Ashley transitioned into project and account management, most recently at Duffy & Partners. She’s retained her deep appreciation for design throughout her management experience, which includes Bacardi, Fisher-Price, Summit Brewing, and the McKnight Foundation. She’s wildly proficient at wearing as many hats as needed to help her team succeed, while maintaining the calm and friendly manner required of a project leader. Ashley professes to be an avid kayaker, but we already have one of those and she proved it by kayaking to work. Ashley, the bar has been set.



“When I grow up I want to be a…” When children imagine their tomorrows, they are full of hope and possibilities. But without the phenomenal medical care provided by Children’s Hospitals and Clinics, some of these tomorrows might never come true. In our first campaign together, we set out to invite the community to join Children’s mission to make sure that all children have the chance to realize their future. And make the most of their tomorrows.


welcome cary

We’ve added Cary Walker to our team of project leaders and she comes fully charged with the skills that so perfectly fit this unique role. Cary has a background deeply rooted in digital, she has a passion for creativity, and she’s dedicated to the detail and organization needed to guide and execute creative projects. Cary has worked in both project management and production leadership for Pampers, British Airways, Chase, and Amtrak. She has a lifelong dance practice that has left her with a fierce level of discipline. Fierce. And she brings that discipline to her work.


welcome zach

This past summer, Zach Lamb took a break from his Ph.D. studies to try out strategy work as a mono intern. It went so well for all of us that we’re happy to have him stick around as our new associate strategist. Zach brings not only plenty of smarts to each project, but also a contagious enthusiasm for researching his way to the heart of client needs. We’re intimidated by his shoe collection and dealing with his devotion to the Packers. Overall, we’re glad he’s chosen us over higher education.




more writerly

Writer Tim Blevins and mono have had a bit of a mutual admiration thing going for a while, so we’re happy to say that Tim has joined the fold. When it comes to copy, he has a wonderful ability to adeptly do it all: funny, clever, emotional, culturally spot-on – talents that make him a joy to conspire with. Previous to joining mono Tim created imaginative work for Subaru, Jack Links, The Baseball Hall of Fame, and Dunkin’ Donuts. He’s collected more than a few awards along the way as well, but the one award Tim is still chasing is the Grand Prix awarded for excellence in gaming. We wish him success in any and all Grand Prix endeavors.